StopsBleedingTM is an ISO Certified and FDA approved medical device for control of bleeding in both minor and major lacerations. This is a novel molecule that consists of natural plant-based modified amylopectin.

StopsBleedingTM promotes coagulation in two ways; it acts as a scaffold and promotes the extrinsic pathway of coagulation and secondly through it’s osmotic action which dehydrates the blood thus increases the concentration of coagulation proteins and platelets.

StopsBleedingTM is registered with The Pharmacy and Poisons Board in Kenya.



  • StopsBleedingTM is particularly useful in surgical and invasive vascular procedures as an adjunctive or alternate hemostatic agent in the control of bleeding when traditional methods of stopping bleeding (pressure, ligature, heat) is ineffective.
  • StopsBleedingTM is modified amylopectin powder, absorbable, non-biological and hypoallergenic, non-toxic thus can be left in the body.
  • StopsBleedingTM is particularly effective in control of bleeding when the edges are rough and area of bleeding is broad and should be applied generously.
  • StopsBleedingTM is used for liver and spleen injuries, major vascular (venous and arterial) and accelerates body’s natural ability to form a clot in traumatic injuries.
  • StopsBleedingTM requires compression or applying heavy pressure long enough to see the bleeding has stopped for both minor and major injuries.
  • StopsBleedingTM is packed in sterile package which requires NO special storage conditions and can handle extreme temperatures.
  • StopsBleedingTM activates both the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways.

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